huntington beach restaurants

13 Best Restaurants in Huntington Beach 2023

Well-known for its sandy beaches, Southern California’s Huntington Beach is an ideal destination for a weekend getaway. This magnificent coastal surf town is also a great place to have a memorable dining experience. Whether you are craving those old-school burgers, want to feast on freshly caught seafood, or enjoy International cuisine, Huntington Beach is home … Read more

half moon bay restaurants

13 Best Restaurants in Half Moon Bay 2023

Located in California, Half Moon Bay is a coastal community 30 miles south of San Francisco. It has a rich history of fishing and agriculture, meaning it has some of the freshest seafood in the country. Still, this beautiful California region has something for everyone. It has a commercial fishing harbor, beaches, hotels, shops, and … Read more

Tustin Restaurants, CA

12 Best Restaurants in Tustin, CA (2023 Update)

Tustin is well known for its pleasant weather, beautiful scenery, stunning coastline views, and the nearby Saddleback Mountains. It is also known for having plenty of attractions for visitors. Tourists can enjoy this great area with museums, parks, and a diverse selection of restaurants offering dishes from around the world. Here are our top picks … Read more

Best Restaurants in Del Mar

12 Best Restaurants in Del Mar, CA 2023

Del Mar restaurants offer award-winning cuisine as well as breathtaking ocean views. It’s ideal for a weekend getaway in a surf-loving environment with an air of sophistication while remaining casual and charming. What makes it even better is the abundance of restaurants serving cuisines from all over the world. You will be treated to a … Read more

Dana Point Restaurants

13 Best Restaurants in Dana Point, CA 2023

The wonderful beach town of Dana Point is a great spot for seafood lovers. The California Coast brings the freshest variety and its locally sourced ingredients give way to a wide array of restaurants in the town. Eat to your hearts’ delight whilst marveling at the soothing west coast and refreshing beach vibes. The idyllic … Read more

Ocean View Restaurants in San Diego

17 Best Restaurants in San Diego With a View

It’s no secret that San Diego boasts some of the most gorgeous dazzling white-sand beaches California offers. With sprawling panoramic views of the ocean across a vast stretch of crisp and beautiful coastline, it is a city known for perfect scenery. So naturally, this is a concept grasped tightly by eager restauranteurs. You can easily … Read more

Korean BBQ San Diego

10 Best Korean BBQ in San Diego, CA 2023

Korean BBQ or “gogi-gui” is a popular culinary experience all across America. It basically translates to being a “meat roast,” and we are certainly ones to enjoy indulging in an array of deliciously prepared meats in their tantalizing variety. The cuisine is simplistic, and perhaps that adds to their popularity. But you can’t go wrong! … Read more

Best Sushi in San Diego

15 Best Sushi in San Diego, CA (2023 Update)

California is known for its pristine beaches, so it’s expected that San Diego is no exception to the rule. A thriving and vibrant metropolis along emerald coastlines has been a source of inspiration for thousands. They provide all the necessities to ensure that eager-to-impress Chefs are never left wanting. As a result, the hospitality industry … Read more