Yellowtail Scallion Roll

What is Yellowtail Scallion Roll & How to Make it?

Unlike other types of sushi roll, which requires skills to make, Yellowtail Scallion Roll is straightforward to prepare. Also known as Negihama in Japanese, this roll is the finest illustration of how a seemingly little addition can make a world of difference. If you are curious about what this sushi dish is and how to … Read more

Tobiko Vs Masago

Tobiko vs. Masago: Differences and Similarities

If you have enjoyed sushi or sashimi before, you have certainly sampled roes (eggs). They are brilliant garnishes for these meals, thanks to their vibrant colors and crisp texture. There are a plethora of roe types, including Masago, Tobiko, Uni, Kazunoko, Ebiko, and Mentaiko. Among them, Masago vs Tobiko forms the most frequently misunderstood pair. … Read more

Amaebi Sushi

What is Amaebi Sushi (Sweet Shrimp)?

If you are a diehard fan of raw fish and love dining at top sushi establishments, there is a high chance you have heard of or sampled Amaebi sushi before. Few sushi and sashimi dishes surpass the delicacy and popularity of Amaebi. However, eating this raw shrimp over sushi rice is still a daunting idea … Read more

What is Kanikama

What is Kanikama: Your Complete Explanation

Also known as imitation crab and crab sticks, Kanikama is a popular item at various sushi restaurants and supermarkets throughout the U.S. It is also a frequent ingredient of California sushi rolls and crab rangoons. Although its moniker contains the word “crab”, Kanikama does not include any crab flesh yet offers the most authentic crab … Read more

Onigiri Fillings Ideas

14 Must-Try Onigiri Fillings Ideas & How to Make it

Onigiri is an indispensable addition to the Japanese bento lunch box. Its deliciousness not only stems from the seasoned sushi rice or the nori sheets but also from its yummy fillings. If you have tried these Japanese rice balls, you will notice there are endless options for onigiri fillings. Thus, there may be times you … Read more

Is Sushi Japanese Or Chinese

Is Sushi Japanese Or Chinese: Surprising Answer Revealed

Sushi delivers a one-of-a-kind dining experience, featuring firm fish with rice, sauce, and other unique components. Whether you pair sushi with sake, cocktail, or wine, this Japanese staple is always delectable and mesmerizing. Many people will agree with me on that, the Japanese origin part. Therefore, my question about sushi origin may surprise many sushi … Read more

cooked sushi rolls

Top 20 Cooked Sushi Rolls to Order or Make at Home

When you look at the sushi rolls on your friends’ dinner plates, you might be tempted to give one a try. For some though, the thought of raw fish, seaweed and foreign ingredients might make you think twice. But not everything on those plates will taste ‘foreign’, so you can ease into enjoying this type … Read more

How to Reheat Seafood Boil

How to Reheat Seafood Boil?

If you enjoy a good seafood boil as much as we do, then it’s not surprising that you’ll cook it often. With the number of ingredients, it can turn into quite a big meal which means you’ll have leftovers. Often leaving leftovers for later, or the next day, adds more flavor to the dish as … Read more

What is a Dragon Roll Made Of

What is a Dragon Roll Made of?

Stepping into the tasty and exotic world of sushi can be a little overwhelming if you’re unsure of the ingredients that make up the various types of sushi. If you’re trying your hand at a sushi dish in a restaurant your sushi experience can become more daunting if all you’re reading is a list of … Read more

What is Ebi Sushi

What is Ebi Sushi and How to Make it?

Reading a sushi menu opens up a world of fascinating ingredients, making you wonder what you’re ordering if you’re new to this type of food! Ebi sushi is one of those dishes that may seem foreign to you, leaving you puzzled over what ingredients are involved when making it. Read on to find out what … Read more

Types of Tuna

The 15 Types of Tuna: Which is the Best to Eat?

If you enjoy the health benefits of fresh tuna, you’re not alone. Recent reports from the UN show that tuna is the world’s most consumed food source. Tuna is even the second most wild-caught fish in the world. Research also shows that tuna is the most popular fish in many diets aimed at promoting healthy … Read more