Top Popular and Traditional Egyptian Food you Must Try

Top 21 Best Egyptian Foods: Most Popular Dishes

Egyptian foods will introduce you to some of the most elevated dishes in Africa. The cuisines are mostly bread and vegetables with a good selection of hearty meats and desserts. And like most regions, it borrows a few recipes from different regions, including the Middle East and the Mediterranean. Staples like the ful medames introduce … Read more

Top South African Foods to try in the US

16 Best South African Foods: Most Popular Dishes

The Afrikaans cooking style has one of the world’s most diverse tastes and flavors. Its dishes come from various regions worldwide, including the Netherlands, France, Malaysia, and India. The aptly named rainbow nation combines many international ingredients into simple dishes ranging from dried meats in biltong to unique pastries like the melktert and layered minced … Read more

Pakistani Food

22 Best Pakistani Foods: Most Popular Dishes

Sharing land borders with China, Afghanistan, Iran, and India, it’s no surprise that Pakistani cuisine provides stunning flavor combinations with unmatched gourmet diversity. Founded on the Halal principle, which bans the consumption of pork and alcohol, Pakistani food is still rich, spicy, and extremely delicious. This South Asian country is well-known for its Moghal-inspired dishes, … Read more

Types of French Fries

24 Different Types of French Fries Around the World

Potatoes are truly a gift from God. The tasty and versatile vegetable can be cooked any way you like and you can’t go wrong with it. One of the best culinary inventions with potatoes is the good-old French fries. We order it with pretty much anything and everything and it exponentially elevates the dining experience … Read more

vietnamese food

Top 20 Best Vietnamese Foods: Most Popular Dishes

Vietnamese food is one of the most intriguing cases which can promote its traditional culture and absorb the quintessence of various national cuisines at the same time. There’s no need to visit this S-shaped country to have such a once-in-a-lifetime gastronomic experience. Nowadays, Vietnamese cuisine has made its way to numerous countries, including the US. … Read more

best dunkin donuts iced coffee

10 Best Dunkin’ Donuts Iced Coffee Drinks

Contrary to popular belief, Dunkin’ isn’t well-known or adored for its donuts. The truth is that Dunkin’ is all about the coffee, as everyone familiar with the East Coast brand knows. Since opening a single storefront in Quincy, Massachusetts, in 1950, Dunkin’ has grown tremendously in recognition. The pink and orange brand—which previously only offered … Read more

Is Pizza Hut Going out Of Business

Is Pizza Hut Going Out Of Business?

As of 2022, over 18,600 Pizza Hut restaurants were in operation worldwide. Despite the massive reach of the big franchise, recent events have seen several of its locations close for one reason or the other. Thousands of jobs were lost, and several local’s favorite Pizza Huts have closed, leaving fans wondering what is happening. Many … Read more

types of shellfish

The 15 Popular Types of Shellfish to Eat

Seafood has been part of humans’ diet since the beginning of civilization started. Similarly, shellfish has been eaten by various cultures for centuries. Shellfish are rich in lean protein, healthy fats, and minerals. In fact, when eating shellfish regularly, the immune system is boosted, and they help with weight loss and brain and heart health. … Read more

types of sushi

12 Different Types of Sushi: Names & Pictures

If you believe sushi is just about raw fish and vinegared rice, think again! This famous and delicious Japanese staple contains so many varieties that may confuse you when looking at menus without any explanation. This article aims to explain all must-try sushi types that can give you authentic Japanese cuisine experiences. From Nigiri and … Read more

Types of Sandwich

Types of Sandwich: Bread, Styles & Fillings

From the simple cheese and ham on plain white bread to the delicious lobster roll of New England or the Vietnamese bánh mì, the humble sandwich comes in a bewildering range of forms and with almost limitless possible fillings. To introduce you to this all-conquering and enduringly popular snack, here’s our guide to the different … Read more

starbucks drinks without caffeine

Top 12 Starbucks Drinks Without Caffeine

There are several explanations as to why someone would want to stay away from coffee intently. Perhaps you don’t like the taste of coffee anymore, or you’ve resolved to stop drinking anything containing caffeine as a New Year’s resolution. Similarly, it could be pretty late, and you’d rather not stare at your ceiling all night. … Read more