11 Best Seafood Restaurants in Houston (2023 Update)

Houston’s great fine arts scene, lively nightlife, and southern hospitality have made it one of the best destinations for travelers. Locals and visitors alike can take advantage of the city’s diverse nightlife venues and culture. But one thing everyone should take advantage of is Houston’s proximity to the Gulf of Mexico. It is not even … Read more

Carlsbad California

7 Best Seafood Restaurants in Carlsbad, CA 2023

A quaint city teeming with sandy beaches, sporting events, and luscious lagoons, Carlsbad is a hidden gem of Southern California. An ideal vacation spot for its relaxing atmosphere and appealing attractions, Carlsbad boasts an abundance of high-quality seafood restaurants waiting to be visited and each dish savored. Start off the night’s meal with a Baja … Read more

Columbus Ohio

8 Best Seafood Restaurants in Columbus, Ohio 2023

Known as the buckeye state, Ohio is surprisingly popular for its seafood restaurants—many of them being located in Columbus, Ohio! From oysters and crabs, to shrimp and grouper, the seafood restaurants in Columbus have whipped these popular seafood selections into a dish that personifies their dedication and passion for making delectable food. Stop on over … Read more

Seafood Restaurants In Portsmouth

8 Best Seafood Restaurants In Portsmouth, NH

New Hampshire is known for its rich history and culture that shaped today’s America. Portsmouth is one of the cities in the museum state, boasting traditional structures of the 18th and 19th centuries. Portsmouth sits near the Piscataqua River, making it ideal as a tourist attraction. Did you know Portsmouth doesn’t charge tax on shopping? … Read more

Memphis Bridge

10 Best Seafood Restaurants in Memphis, TN

If you look at a top list of best restaurants in Memphis, you are unlikely to find anything that screams seafood. The people here do love their barbeque and the local comforting specialties, but if you know where to look, you’ll also find some amazingly good seafood options. Here is a list of the best … Read more

Anna Maria Island

6 Best Seafood Restaurants in Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria Island has always been a place where people come to relax and enjoy the ocean. Naturally, that experience would not be complete without some good food. The local specialty is, not surprisingly, seafood and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to enjoy fresh delicacies. Even though the island is fairly small, there are still … Read more

Jacksonville Beach

10 Best Seafood Restaurants in Jacksonville, FL

One thing Jacksonville doesn’t lack is awesome diners. Wherever you go, there’s always a good place to grab a bite nearby. There are all kinds of restaurants throughout the city, but what Jacksonville is known for its fresh seafood. So while you’re here, you absolutely must try some of the best dishes this city has … Read more

Best Seafood Restaurants in Mystic

11 Best Seafood Restaurants in Mystic, CT 2023

A list of the best seafood places in Mystic, Connecticut, is one of the things you should equip yourself with when visiting New England. The beautiful Northeast scenery is known for its enticing culinary experiences that will treat your taste buds to something new. The best seafood restaurants include the contemporary S & P Oyster, … Read more