Cosmopolitan Wicked Spoon Buffet: Menu, Prices 2023

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Buffets have been a tradition in Nevada’s Sin City for decades. It seems that every major resort in Las Vegas offers a buffet and the Wicked Spoon Buffet at The Cosmopolitan is definitely one of the best in town.

As a high-end buffet experience with enormous diversity in offerings, this well-renowned buffet on the Strip is a paradise for foodies visiting Las Vegas.

On the topic of quality, the Wicked Spoon Buffet at The Cosmopolitan is ranked at the same level as the popular Buffet at Bellagio and Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace.

From the traditional carving station that offers delicacies like prime rib, roasted bone marrow, and lamb to the Asian food bar and the Italian food station, Cosmopolitan’s Wicken Spoon buffet offers something for everyone.

About Wicked Spoon Las Vegas

  • Address: The Chelsea Tower, 3708 S Las Vegas Blvd Level 2, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • Phone: +1 877-893-2001

As soon as you walk inside the Wicked Spoon, you’ll notice that this is not your average Las Vegas buffet.  With its sleek, contemporary dining room located on the second level of the Chelsea Tower at the Cosmopolitan Hotel, the Wicked Spoon feels more like an elegant restaurant.

Here, culinary selections extend well beyond the basics. In addition to the typical buffet options like mac and cheese and fried chicken, visitors will find unique chef-crafted offerings and unique dishes such as wild boar, squid ink pasta, and asiago gnocchi in lamb ragout.

Wicked Spoon Menu Items

Much like any buffet in Las Vegas, the Wicked Spoon is divided into sections. From the traditional carving station, Salad area, and Seafood station to the Asian food Bar, Italian food station, Americana food court, and Dessert station, this fabulous buffet in Las Vegas has it all!


The breakfast and lunch menu at Wicked Spoon Las Vegas is packed with imaginative seasonal dishes.

Expect to find offerings such as truffled scalloped potatoes, Italian Panzanella bread salad, goat cheese ravioli, Korean barbecued ribs, and orange chicken. Vegetarians won’t stay hungry here and can try delicacies like brown butter roasted cauliflower and ricotta creamed spinach.

Here is a list of some of the serving areas:

  • Salad Bar (kale salad, avocado salad, etc)
  • Seafood Station (shrimp and grits with bacon, tuna Crudo, smoked trout mousse, snow crab legs, grilled shrimp)
  • Italian Station (pizza, pasta, lamb sausage, lamb Bolognese)
  • Asian Station (Kung Pao chickpeas, dim sum, duck wings, oxtail pho, fried dumplings)
  • Americana Station (buffalo frog legs, mac and cheese, fried chicken)
  • Dessert Station (chocolate lava cake, ice cream, gelato, Godiva cake, banana walnut cake)
  • Drink Station (juices, coffee, tea, iced tea coke products)

Breakfast at the Wicked Spoon Buffet

The breakfast offerings at the Wicked Spoon Buffet are spectacular. From made-to-order omelets, eggs benedict, and scrambled eggs to a selection of pastries and a cold bar with oatmeal, fruit, smoked salmon, and more, there is plenty to choose from.

For breakfast, several stations are set up including the dessert station, Asian station, International station, grill station, brunch station, breakfast-inspired station, and cold bar.

At the cold bar, expect to find refreshing foods like cheese pates, oatmeal, chia pudding, and smoked salmon. You will also find a few soups at this bar like the mouthwatering tomato basil soup.

The most popular breakfast station at the Wicked Spoon Buffet is the breakfast-inspired station. Here, it pretty much revolves around eggs. Whether you are craving frittatas or wish to enjoy fluffy scrambled eggs with some Hollandaise sauce, this station has got you covered. In addition to all the egg dishes, the breakfast-inspired station also offers smoked bacon, breakfast pizza, and green salad.

Breakfast at the Wicked Spoon Buffet also includes options like shrimp and grits, pancakes, French toast, and all the other usual suspects.

Let’s move on to some of the more decadent breakfast options at the Wicked Spoon Buffet at The Cosmopolitan hotel and casino in Las Vegas. The pork Barria tacos are extremely delicious, as well as the roasted chicken with miso and ginger.

In the mood for some Asian cuisine for breakfast? You will find sushi, Chinese, and Thai food at the Asian station which is also open for breakfast. Four different types of pizzas from the wood fire oven are available for breakfast at the Wicked Spoon.

Make sure to try the applewood smoked sausage when having breakfast at this fabulous buffet in Las Vegas. With sweet filling and herb flavors, this delicacy promises to satisfy your taste buds. The fried chicken has a light and crispy coating and a perfect balance of spices and herbs.

The Wicked Spoon Buffet at The Cosmopolitan hotel also offers a bunch of desserts for breakfast. You will find everything from ice cream, sorbet, and gelato to cakes and custards at the dessert station.

Lunch Buffet Menu at the Wicked Spoon

Wicked Spoon Menu 1

We just love the lunch buffet at the Wicked Spoon. The menu is diverse, plus comes with some breakfast carry-overs and brunch items. The cold bar is a great place to start and includes items like duck egg and beef tataki.

Meat lovers can opt for the slow-roasted prime rib at the carving station, a place that also does amazing things with the bone marrow.

If you wish to enjoy the classics, go for the angry mac and cheese, fried chicken, or top sirloin. The Asian station is also a great spot to grab some yummy things like dim sum, duck wings, and a bunch of ramen varieties.

Thinking about international cuisine? Greek Lamb gyros and Mexican carnitas tacos are definitely big crowd-pleasers at the International food station.

There is no shortage of delicious pasta dishes at the lunch buffet at the Wicked Spoon. From cheese truffle mac to garganelli pasta with butternut squash and pancetta, there is plenty to choose from on the pasta front.

If you have a sweet tooth, you are in for a real treat at the Wicked Spoon in Las Vegas. This buffet has a seriously awesome dessert station. Get a couple of scoops of ice cream or go for some gelato. The Crème Brulee is also worth getting, as well as the warm molten chocolate.

Wicked Spoon Weekend Brunch

Wicked Spoon Menu 2

In Las Vegas, everyone is obsessed with brunch. The good news for all you brunch-goers is that the Wicked Spoon offers an amazing weekend brunch that runs from 9 am to 4 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. The price is a bit higher than for lunch, but the quality and the extra selection of foods is definitely worth the extra charge. 

So, what’s available on the brunch front here at the Wicked Spoon in Las Vegas? The cheesy hash browns are soo good! You can also go for the classic French toast, some eggs benedict, and biscuits and chorizo gravy.

Wish to make your own sandwich? Go to the peanut butter and jelly sandwich area where you can choose the ingredients and prep yourself with a cool sandwich. We should also mention that juices, soda, and coffee or tea are complimentary with the buffet.

Wicked Spoon Menu 3

Much like any buffet with weekend brunch offerings in Las Vegas, the Wicked Spoon offers bottomless brunch options. Champagne, Bloody Marys, bottomless mimosas, and Bud Light Draft packages are just some of the options.

You can get the Regular Bottomless Beverages deal for $24 extra or splash out and get Specialty Bottomless Beverages that will set you back $40 per person.

Regular Bottomless Beverages

This so-called add-on to your weekend brunch allows you to have 2 hours of unlimited drinking. You can choose from bud light beer, mimosas, bloody marys, and champagne. It’s a great deal if you plan on staying for longer.

Specialty Bottomless Beverages

Then, there is the amazing Specialty Bottomless Beverages deal. This is a rather newish package available at the Wicked Spoon. In addition to the list of drinks from the regular bottomless deal, you can get drinks that rotate seasonally. Expect to find offerings like a frosted lavender bellini, seasonal sangria, a variety of cocktails, and much more.

Pricing and Hours at the Wicked Spoon

Monday to Friday

  • Breakfast:  8 AM to 11 AM, $38 adults / $19 children (ages 5 – 10)
  • Lunch: 11 AM to 3 PM, $45 adults / $22.50 children (ages 5 – 10)

Saturday and Sunday

  • Brunch:  9 AM to 4 PM, $49 adults/ $24 children (ages 5 – 10)

Bottomless Beverages

  • Regular: $24
  • Specialty: $40

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Can You Make Reservations at Wicked Spoon?

The Wicked Spoon used to only accept walk-ins, but nowadays, you can actually reserve a spot. Keep in mind that the buffet only takes reservations for workdays (Monday to Friday).

Unfortunately, weekends are walk-up only. The reservation system for weekday buffets can be accessed from the hotel’s page.

Does the Wicked Spoon Have a Dress Code?

Although the buffet has a chic and modern décor, the vibe is casual and there is no specific dress code. You will notice that most guests at the Wicked Spoon in Las Vegas dress up casually. 

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for reasonably priced and high-quality buffet offerings in Las Vegas, you’ll instantly fall in love with the Wicked Spoon. First of all, the dining space has a modern décor and looks elegant (we can’t say the same for some other buffets in Las Vegas). Second of all, the level of quality of the food and the diversity of it all is just amazing.

To sum it all up, the Wicked Spoon at the Cosmopolitan hotel and casino in Las Vegas is a great place to have a memorable buffet dining experience.

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