Starbucks Cup Sizes And Their Meaning: Full Guide Of 2023

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Starbucks possesses worldwide popularity both in the United States and globally. However, despite its reputation, many individuals face difficulties in understanding Starbucks’ offering sizes.

The cup sizes of Starbucks coffee can be misleading as they do not adhere to the typical small-medium-large structure. Yet, after a few trips to the Starbucks store, you will get what its Italian-sounding size terms mean and how to get the ideal drink there.

starbucks cup sizes

So, if you have no idea what a Grande or a Venti is, you will find this detailed explanation about Starbucks cup sizes useful! This article will have all Starbucks sizes explained and addresses why Starbucks employs Italian names to them!

Without further ado, let’s get started!

How Many Starbucks Cup Sizes Are There?

Before diving into the details, it is essential to have an overview of your available options! Originally, Starbucks offered three sizes: Tall, Grande, and Venti. Nowadays, you can browse up to seven different Starbucks cup sizes as follows:

  • Demi (3oz or 89ml).
  • Short (8oz or 236ml).
  • Tall (12oz or 354ml).
  • Grande (16oz or 473ml).
  • Venti Hot (20oz or 591ml).
  • Venti Cold (24oz or 709ml).
  • Trenta Cold (31oz or 917ml).

Detailed Explanation Of Starbucks Cup Sizes

This section covers everything you need to know about Starbucks sizes. Familiarizing yourself with Starbucks cup sizes will guide you toward your ideal beverage!

Demi (3oz or 89ml)

Derived from the French term “Demitasse” (half cup), these 3oz Starbucks Demi offerings are exclusively used for espresso shots. This little cup size dates all the way back to 1906 in Italy!

Demi is the smallest Starbucks cup size, ideal for a single shot (Solo) and double shot (Doppio). Despite the small capacity, Starbucks Demi cups can carry up to three shots (Triple) or even four shots (Quad) of espresso.

Short (8oz or 236ml)

Credit: @sehwa_lim

This 8oz cup was formerly present on Starbucks’ standard menu. However, as the coffee chain increased its offering sizes, Short sizes became less popular and were eventually removed.

Nonetheless, most Starbucks stores still sell this size for hot beverages (like espresso and brewed coffee) if you want a smaller serving for your everyday drink. Short sizes are also ideal for children’s offerings, such as hot chocolate.

When ordering a Starbucks Short-sized cup, you will have one espresso shot or one tea bag for espresso drinks or tea drinks, respectively. In addition. you can ask the Starbucks barista to add two pumps of your preferred syrup into your Short cups.

Tall (12oz or 354ml)

Credit: @modernbeautymama

A Tall offering from Starbucks corresponds to what many people would term a Small beverage, even if smaller sizes are available. It weighs 12 ounces, regardless of whether the beverage is hot or cold.

Unless otherwise specified, Tall espresso drinks such as mochas, macchiatos, and lattes include a single shot of espresso. This amount carries the same caffeine content as Short-sized cups.

However, when ordering a Tall Americano or a Tall Iced Shaken Espresso, you will have two espresso shots. For flavor addition, you can add up to three pumps of your favorite flavored syrup to your Starbucks Tall cups.

All in all, here is a rule of thumb for ordering at Starbucks: if you want a small, you will get a Tall. Yet, if you want more of your preferred drinks, the following Grande size may be a better option!

Grande (16oz or 473ml)

Credit: @riannaxbusby

Grande means “big” in many languages. Yet, at Starbucks, the term refers to medium-sized beverages only. It contains 16 fluid ounces of both hot and cold liquids.

Despite the misunderstanding term, it is Starbucks’ most popular beverage size. It is large enough to energize your morning or keep your eyes open throughout lengthy meetings.

Starbucks’ Grande tea drinks include two tea bags, while Grande espresso beverages typically include two shots of espresso. You can get three espresso shots when ordering an Americano, Flat White, or Iced Shaken Espresso.

You can also request smoothies and nitro cold brew beverages in Grande size. For flavor addition, you can get up to four pumps of syrup for each Grande cup.

Venti Hot (20oz or 591ml)

Venti Hot
Credit: @maria_gerami

Venti is widely regarded as Starbucks’ large-size coffee. However, unlike smaller sizes which offer the same amount for both hot and cold drinks, the hot Venti is different from the cold Venti.

In Italian, Venti means “twenty”, referring to the 20oz capacity of these Starbucks cups. This amount is true to Venti Hot, meaning that you get exactly 20oz of hot liquids for each offering.

A Venti Hot espresso beverage comprises two shots of espresso. Yet, if you want three espresso shots, you can order a hot Flat White. A hot Americano in Venti size has up to four espresso shots. On the other hand, each Venti Hot tea drink contains two tea bags.

When adding flavor to a Venti Hot, you can have up to five syrup pumps. Note that Venti cups are notably taller and more cumbersome to transport. So, if you are on the go, this low portability is an aspect worth considering!

Venti Cold (24oz or 709ml)

Venti Cold
Credit: @megan.mcara

Compared to Venti Hot, a cold Venti beverage at Starbucks is bigger (24 fluid ounces). The bigger cup size accommodates the inclusion of ice in your beverage, ensuring you still enjoy 20 ounces of pure Starbucks drinks.

A cold Venti beverage will have one more shot of espresso than a Venti Hot. Thus, an iced Venti espresso contains three espresso shots, and an iced Flat White comprises four shots of espresso. You also get six pumps of syrup to flavor your Venti Cold.

Trenta Cold (31oz or 917ml)

Trenta Cold
Credit: @scarlet.yung

Trenta means “thirty” in Italian, so you may guess the size is 30 fluid ounces. Starbucks’ official website also states Trenta as 30 ounces in its online menu, like Starbucks Cold Brew Coffee.

However, its press release statement in 2011 told a quite different story, with the Trenta size containing 31 ounces. Although the difference is subtle, it is confusing since both sources are official.

It is believed that Trenta’s exact capacity figure is 30.9 ounces. This in-between number is the culprit for the inconsistent information (30 ounces and 31 ounces) you face on the Internet.

Introduced in 2011, this XL cup size is bigger than most humans’ stomachs. So far, Trenta is Starbucks’ biggest cup size, equivalent to four standard coffee cups. You can have up to seven syrups pumps in a Trenta cup.

The monstrous size is reserved for cold beverages like refreshers, iced coffee, cold brew, and iced tea. Yet, not all iced drinks are available in Trenta size. For instance, the biggest size for iced espresso drinks and Frappucinos is Venti Cold, not Trenta.

Moreover, you won’t find Trenta size listed on Starbucks’ menu as it is a part of the coffee chain’s hidden offering. Normally, the size is accessible in retailers in the United States. For other stores, ask your local Starbucks whether Trenta size is available.

The Inspiration Behind Starbucks’ Unique Sizing Structure

Howard Schultz
Credit: @starbucks.stories

The birth of Starbucks’ unique sizing structure dates back to the 1983 Italy trip of Howard Schultz – former Starbucks Chairman and CEO.

During the excursion, the Italian coffee house culture fully captivated his attention. The impression was so strong that Howard brought it back to Seattle and established his own coffee bar in 1985 under such influence, naming it Il Giornale (The Newspaper).

Il Giornale subsequently evolved into the modern-day Starbucks chain. Initially, Starbucks offered three beverage sizes: Short, Tall, and Grande. The three sizes are synonymous with small, medium, and large, respectively.

Then, in the early 1990s, Starbucks introduced the Venti size, turning the Tall drinks into the new Short ones and eliminating the Short size from its official listing. However, as mentioned above, you can still get a Short beverage at many Starbucks stores.

Nowadays, you can order Starbucks drinks in seven different cup sizes. Among them, there are four sizes whose monikers are Italian-inspired (Grande, Venti Hot, Venti Cold, and Trenti Cold).

These names are not only Italian words for the drink’s capacity, but they also convey the romance and elegance of Italian coffee culture. These unique Italian sizing terms distinguish the Starbucks brand from its rival, contributing to its global success today!

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Informative Recap Of Starbucks Sizes

This part summarizes all key takeaways about all Starbucks sizes in order. The following table will give you a broad and comparative view of the topic in question.

Starbucks Cup Sizes Amount Number Of Espresso Shots Number Of Syrup Pumps Application
Demi 3oz (89ml) Up to 4 N/A Espresso shots
Short 8oz (236ml) 1 2 Hot drinks
Tall 12oz (354ml) 1 – 2 3 Hot and cold drinks
Grande 16oz (473ml) 2 – 3 4 All drinks
Venti Hot 20oz (591ml) 2 – 4 5 Hot drinks
Venti Cold 24oz (709ml) 3 – 4 6 Cold drinks
Trento Cold 31oz (917ml) N/A 7 Selected cold drinks

Starbucks Sizes: FAQs

As always, I dedicate this FAQ section to addressing some of your top inquiries about the topic. Hopefully, you will gain additional useful information from the following responses.

1. What is a Starbucks small-sized drink?

At Starbucks, small means tall. Hence, if you want to order a small Starbucks beverage, choose the Tall size (12oz). For an even smaller drink, you can request the barista for the unlisted Short cup.

2. What size is medium in Starbucks?

Grande is synonymous with a medium-sized drink at Starbucks stores nowadays. This 16oz cup size is the most popular option among many Starbucks consumers.

3. What does Venti mean?

Venti refers to large Starbucks sizes, containing 20oz of hot liquids and 24oz of iced drinks.

4. Which Starbucks beverages are available in Trenta size?

Currently, there are five cold beverages that have Trenta size: Teavana Shaken Iced Tea Lemonade, Teavana Shaken Iced Tea, Cold Brew, Refreshers, and Iced Coffee.

5. Does a Venti coffee cup contain more caffeine than a Grande counterpart?

Absolutely yes! Since Venti is bigger than Grande, it surely has more coffee and hence more caffeine.

Are You Confident For Your Next Starbucks Order?

Now that you get your head around all Starbucks cup sizes, you can order a Venti Cold drink or a Trenta beverage like a boss!

Although the coffee chain’s cup sizes do not follow the common structure of small, medium, and large, it is not too challenging to understand its unique sizing terms.

You have reached the end of my comprehensive guide about Starbuck cup sizes and their official Italian monikers. I hope this article has covered all differences among sizes, helping you place your next order more confidently! Thank you for reading!

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