Top 9 German Restaurants in Fredericksburg, TX 2023

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Texas is a popular tourist destination due to its remarkable charm and small Southern towns with diverse cultures. Residents of Fredericksburg, which was founded in 1846 by German immigrants seeking asylum from political unrest in Europe, help to preserve the memory of those early pioneers through their culture and traditional German food.

Fredericksburg’s array of German restaurants on Main Street has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a warm place to experience a night of fine dining or a taste of the Wild West.

This article will take you on a food tour of some of the best places in Fredericksburg to enjoy a charming romantic evening with your partner.


Best German Restaurants in Fredericksburg, TX

1. Vaudeville Restaurant

Vaudeville Restaurant 1
Credit: @conexaoparis
Vaudeville Restaurant 2
Credit: @brasserievaudeville
  • Location: 230 E Main St, Fredericksburg, TX 78624

The bistro is right on Main Street. Integrated with Vaudeville Boutique, Vaudeville restaurant is set in a cozy atmosphere on a lower floor from the boutique – just a few steps down the stairs.

Make a reservation for your special night in one of the finest romantic restaurants in Fredericksburg, Texas. 

The menu is easy to browse through on the list of items, you should be able to select your preferred dishes within minutes. The wine list is limited but includes some of the best choices in Texas. You can try the Blanc de Blanc or craft beer.

For starters, go with a classic Sashimi Salmon or a Basil Pesto Vinaigrette. The featured entrees on the menu vary with your taste.

The bistro is located directly on Main Street.  Vaudeville Restaurant is integrated with Vaudeville Boutique and is set in a cozy atmosphere on a lower floor from the boutique – just a few steps down the stairs.

Make a reservation for your special night in one of Fredericksburg’s finest romantic restaurants.

The menu is simple to navigate, and you should be able to choose your favorite dishes within minutes.

The wine list is small, but it contains some of the best options in Texas. Try the Blanc de Blanc or a craft beer. Start with a traditional Sashimi Salmon or a Basil Pesto Vinaigrette.

The featured entrees on the menu change depending on your preferences. You can try the grilled lamb, duck confit, or seared tuna, all prepared to perfection and served with fantastic sides like grilled tomatoes, oven cured potatoes, and herb spaghetti.

When you visit, take advantage of the day’s special, which guarantees you the Chef’s undivided attention as he prepares a classic meal. On Sundays, they serve heavenly fried chicken alongside a lusciously fat lump crab made in dough (or with dough, as a pastry); it’s tasty either way.

Crème brûlée, dark chocolate crème, and soft croissants are among the desserts and pastries available.      


  • Fine dining
  • Basement setting
  • Limited menu

2. Old German Bakery and Restaurant

Old German Bakery and Restaurant
Credit: @mollieripple
  • Location: 225 W Main St, Fredericksburg, TX

The Old German Bakery and Restaurant is located on Fredericksburg’s Main Street. It is a family-run restaurant that serves authentic German cuisine prepared using traditional recipes.

Every dish is made from scratch using farm-fresh ingredients from a nearby farmers’ market. Come here for breakfast and daily lunch specials.

It’s a great family restaurant with people lining up to get in most days – a good indication that they serve fresh, tasty food. They have some benches outside with lovely-looking tables next to the bakery area, and the sweet aroma fills the air as you enjoy your meal while watching the activities on Main Street.

German specialties include bakery soft pretzels, pecan meringues, and chocolate puffs. Try the beef rinds roulade, tall cheeseburgers with lots of meat and fixings (without the bun).


  • Fantastic food served in generous portions
  • Great family atmosphere
  • Delicious treats from the bakery
  • Good ambiance, spacious with outdoor seating

3. The Ausländer

The Ausländer
Credit: @its_tenny_
  • Location: 323 E Main St, Fredericksburg, TX 78624

The Ausländer restaurant and beer garden (Biergarten) is located on Market Street and has been around since 1979. It has indoor and outdoor seating – the outdoor seating space offers a pleasant cool breeze, which is excellent if you want to enjoy the lovely atmosphere on a warm Texas day.

They serve fantastic authentic German food, ranging from quality steaks and a vast selection of the finest beer in Texas. On weekends the place packs up with eager patrons who enjoy German delicacies over live music in a German atmosphere.

Some of the best dishes include; the Jager schnitzel and Rouladen, the pot roast and Bratwurst, the bread pudding, the potato soup, and the Schnitzel. Try the delicious peach mousse or the apple strudel for dessert. 

They also serve great beer choices, which go very well with the steaks.


  • Bustling, fast, and efficient service
  • Excellent German dishes made to perfection
  • Great choice of beers
  • Live music on weekends

4. Der Lindenbaum Restaurant

Der Lindenbaum Restaurant
Credit: @food_dogs_life
  • Location: 312 East Main Street, Fredericksburg, Texas 78624

This amazing small but homely restaurant is on Main Street, near the Nimitz Museum in Fredericksburg, Texas. It’s truly one of a kind, with a stunning limestone building that dates back over 100 years ago. 

“The Linden Tree” (Der Lindenbaum) is nostalgic to Germans, especially in the springtime – it’s a symbol of the Homeland. Many comrades who visit the restaurant feel right at home due to the atmosphere and the warm, savory German dishes available at this great restaurant.

Ingrid Hohmann, the delightful owner, is a professional chef who has attracted numerous visitors to her restaurant, which is famous for its Rheinland-style lunch specials and delicious cakes such as apfelstrudel Black Forest cake and streuselkuchen.

For a beautiful German dining experience in Texas, visit Der Lindenbaum restaurant and sample some authentic specialties such as juicy steaks, Schnitzel, the best Spätzle, and homemade cakes for dessert.

They also have an array of the choicest wines and German beer – both draft and bottled beer.


  • German traditional food
  • German beer and wine
  • Delicious Chef made cakes
  • Cozy atmosphere

5. Fredericksburg Brewing Co

Fredericksburg Brewing Co
Credit: @brewhausfellas
  • Location: 245 E Main St. Fredericksburg, TX

Crowned as the Best brewpub in Texas, Fredericksburg Brewing Company is the oldest restaurant and brewpub in Texas. Its award-winning brews have made the establishment famous with numerous visitors frequenting the place, making it the “go-to place” for a German beer experience while in Texas.  

The 1890s building is a renovated historical rock structure with a cozy fireplace, a traditional wooden ceiling, stunning antique lighting, and an enclosed Biergarten.

The Brewery offers a tasty selection of meals ranging from ‘Uberbacken Schweineschnitzel’ — Baked pork schnitzel; Knackwurst, Bratwurst & Pepperwurst – a range of sausages served with creamy cheddar ale soup, mashed potatoes, or fresh bread. 

You can also combine the sausage samplers or boneless pork chops with spicy green beans, Cheddar Cheese, and Mashed potatoes or French fries.

The Fredericksburg Brewing Co is undoubtedly the best place to experience a good Ol Wurst’ (large sausage). And the Best locally brewed beer.


  • Best range of sausages
  • Locally brewed German beer – try the red or dark beers; or the Beer Flight
  • Gift shop selling various souvenirs
  • Best spot to celebrate Oktoberfest

6. Rathskeller Restaurant

Rathskeller Restaurant
Credit: @berndonis.calva
  • Location: 260 E Main St, Fredericksburg, TX 78624

Rathskeller is a rustic, warm spot where you can pop in for a hearty homemade German meal. The restaurant sits in an old building that was once a hospital in the early 1800s.

Conveniently located on Main Street, this gem is huddled in the basement serving up German classics like Schnitzel, steak, seafood, and sandwiches, accompanied by hot potato salads or red pickled beets. 

The restaurant offers a fine dining experience with a classic selection of wine and beer. The food is sold in large portions, which you can enjoy a plate for two if visiting for an intimate dinner. They also have American favorites such as burgers, meatloaf, and steak combos. 

Try the chicken fried steak; it comes on a huge platter and is very tender. You can also sample the signature dish – the Bavarian Schnitzel; delicious tender pork layered in seasoned bread crumbs and deep fried in creamy butter.

They have the best peach bread pudding with caramel sauce for dessert.


  • Basement joint
  • Combo meals – a mix of American and German delicacies
  • Live music most Saturday Nights

7. Otto’s German Bistro

Otto’s German Bistro
Credit: @ottosfbg
  • Location: 316 E Austin St, Fredericksburg, TX 78624

Otto’s is a great, casual restaurant – so good that you have to book your reservations early to secure a spot. Walk-ins are allowed, and the wait time for a free table is about 30- 60 minutes. 

A superb romantic spot in Fredericksburg for mid-morning Brunch, offering outstanding service, with indoor/outdoor sitting in the heart of Fredericksburg, TX. It’s also a popular date night bistro in Fredericksburg, and you will enjoy decent food and good ol’ German beer in a quaint environment.

The meals are carefully prepared using fresh ingredients from the local farmers. For starters, they have flatbread perfectly done and thinly crusted to perfection. 

You can also try potato pancakes and mushrooms. For the mains, try their delicious truffle – shrimp pasta served with a plate of sausages; or the duck schnitzel, deep sea prawns, with casarecce pasta all are outstanding choices.

For dessert, you can have the French press coffee with a chocolate torte which, as returning diners claim, is “to die for,” while others say it is “heavenly” and “a soft-landing bliss” in your mouth. Otto’s is considered one of the best restaurants in Fredericksburg!


  • Dinner & Brunch
  • Homely meals, flavorsome desserts & classic beers
  • Helpful, non-obtrusive service

8. Altdorf Restaurant & Biergarten

Altdorf Restaurant & Biergarten
Credit: @sunset_strasse_fburg_tx
  • Location: 301 W Main street Fredericksburg, TX

The Altdorf is a historic establishment that was first built in 1977. It’s a favorite German spot in the area.

It has unique features of Altdorf, a stone-lined, hand-dug well at the entrance, the fixtures carved from the wood remnants of the original building. The outdoor sitting area is ideal for happy hour enthusiasts and is a pet-friendly place.

Their menu includes a range of traditional German sausages, side dishes, and appetizers. The Schnitzel is a regular dish in German eateries which you should try. While most eastern European cultures claim Schnitzel as a traditional dish; Jägerschnitzel is originally a typical German signature dish and one you will encounter in any of the Fredericksburg restaurants. 

Altdorf makes it perfectly—the juicy flavors built from shallow fried onions in bacon fat—and you’ve got JägerschnitzelEnjoy your classic pork assortment (Schnitzel) with mushroom sauce and wash it down with a glass of rich red wine. 

Sample their famous apple strudel for dessert topped up with homemade ice cream.


  • Live music on weekends
  • Schnitzel
  • Beer garden in the outdoor sitting

9. Cabernet Grill Texas Wine Country Restaurant

Cabernet Grill Texas Wine Country Restaurant
Credit: @mapitouttexas
Cabernet Grill Texas Wine Country Restaurant 2
Credit: @rgvinomag
  • Location: Cotton Gin Village; 2805 S. State Highway 16 Fredericksburg, TX 78264

Considered an ideal place to eat in Fredericksburg for an unforgettable old-fashioned romantic dinner night, the Cabernet Grill welcomes you with rustic wooden décor and ivy-covered walls filled with chestnut themes wooden fixtures.

The décor is simple but elegant. The outdoor setting fills you with warm, inviting air—surrounded by calm koi ponds, stunning landscaping, and lovely rustic cabins for a lovers’ getaway. The perfect romantic German restaurant in Fredericksburg to make all your dreams come true.

Dining at the Cabernet Grill Restaurant begins with optional wine flights. Appetizers are either Texas Twinkies or goat cheese. For the entrees, the range involves unique fried chicken variations, broiled shrimp, and grilled quail – which is quite tasty, well-seasoned, and cooked to perfection.

The desserts are irresistible. Try the Lavender ice cream topped on a peach cobbler or the chicken fried pecan pie sweetened with Jack Daniels whisky and rich chocolate ice cream, pure bliss!

Toast your love with a long glass of Greek Grape Creek Cabernet Trois (which goes well with seafood) or a sweet glass of McPherson Vermentino.


  • Beautiful indoor/outdoor landscape
  • Intimate setting
  • Great food & choice of the wine list

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So go ahead and take in the charming restaurants in the small town as you explore your dining options with German restaurants in Fredericksburg splashed on Main Street. From Ausländer Biergarten, Der Linderbaum, to Vaudeville or the sentimental Old German Bakery and Restaurant at the east end. Tell us about your date night in Fredericksburg dining experience in the comments section. We’d love to hear from you!

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